Earned 1.7599 billion US dollars from exports

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration Evaluation6-month review Export performance for the first half of 2015. 1.7599 billion US dollars income was obtained from export trade In the first half of fiscal year 2015, it was planned to earn 2.296 billion US dollars by exporting various products to the world market, and 1.7599 billion was earned. In the last 6 months, agriculture accounted for 77.23 percent, manufacturing 10 percent, mining sector 6.62 percent, meat and dairy sector 2.9 percent, and electricity and other products 3.3 percent    Oilseeds, sugarcane products, pen and sugar cane crops, khat production, livestock and forestry products monitored by the Ministry of Trade and Regional Cooperation are planned to earn 23 percent of the 6-month export plan, and they achieved 19.03 percent by earning 335.011 million dollars. The 6-month foreign trade revenue showed a decrease of 131.973 million dollars or 6.9% compared to the revenue of the same period of the previous fiscal year. Smuggling and illegal activities, global market slowdown and non-timely marketing of products are the reasons cited for the decline in export earnings.  

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