May 2023

Apr 2023

Ethiopian businessmen should be ethical

Addis Ababa 27/04/2023 (MOTRI) The businessmen of our country must be businessmen who hate illegality and have good morals, said the members of the Standing Committee on Trade and Tourism Affairs of t

Mar 2023

Feb 2023

Fuel marketing reform has achieved results

Addis Ababa 31/01/2023 (MOTRI) The targeted fuel subsidy that was started a year ago is achieving results. The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration   has reviewed the performance of

Foreign investors who want to buy products

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration is about to Deliver information to foreign investors who want to buy Coffee, Oilseeds and Pulses, as well as various Agricultural products, livestock and

Jan 2023

To all concerned exporters

In China, India, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria, you can find Ethiopian cereals and fatty grains, Ethiopian coffee, meat products

Aug 2022

Jul 2022

Ethiopian Export Day is being celebrated

Addis Ababa; July 23, 2022 (MOTRI) Ethiopia's Export Day, organized with the guiding idea of ​​"Buy Ethiopia's unique flavor products", is being celebrated today with various events at Skylight Hotel.