It was explained that the work of maintaining the quality of products requires the cooperation of all of us

February 02/2015 (MOTRI) Bahir Dar

Ato Girma Mamo, National Quality Infrastructure Technical Regulation Advisor of the Ministry of Trade and Regional Connections, presented a prepared document describing the directions of the National Quality Infrastructure Strategy and the purpose of the forum and gave a wide explanation.

When the government decided to establish a national quality infrastructure forum, after the stakeholders of the national quality forum were made to represent their representatives, the purpose and importance of the forum was explained to the participants of the forum by the head of the national quality infrastructure project, Ms. Hana Bizeneh, and a short documentary video was presented on the day of the forum's establishment. It is presented.

In general, various comments and questions were presented from the participants, and the questions raised were answered through a wide discussion.

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